Black Paint Palette
Black Paint Palette
Black Paint Palette
Black Paint Palette
Black Paint Palette
Black Paint Palette
Black Paint Palette
Black Paint Palette
Black Paint Palette

Black Paint Palette

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Unlock your creative potential with our Glass Paint Palette, a masterpiece of design and functionality tailored to meet the needs of both novice and professional artists. This innovative palette combines a host of features that will transform your painting experience.



1. Optimized Edges for Safety and Elegance: Crafted with polished edges and rounded corners, our glass palette not only ensures safe handling but also adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace.

2. Variety of Sizes for Every Artist: Choose from a wide range of sizes to suit your creative preferences, from handheld palettes for precision work to larger surfaces that double as your work canvas. There's a size for every artist's needs.

3. Ultra-Clear Glass for True Colors: Our palette features 1/4" thick, tempered, low-iron glass that is ultra-clear, eliminating any greenish tint that might distort your color perception. Experience your hues in their truest form.

4. Non-Slip Feet for Stability: Rubber non-slip feet keep your palette securely in place while you mix and blend your colors. Effortlessly lift and reposition your palette without the fear of it sliding around.

5. Magnetic Surface for Versatility: The metal backing on our glass palette is compatible with super strong rare earth magnets, allowing you to easily attach reference photos or color palettes, keeping your inspiration close at hand.

6. Effortless Cleaning for a Fresh Canvas: Cleanup is a breeze with our glass palette. Most mediums can be wiped clean with water, and for stubborn marks, a touch of rubbing alcohol will restore your palette to its pristine condition, ensuring it looks and feels like new with minimal effort.

7. Black Background for Bold Contrast: Our palette features a striking black background, providing a dramatic canvas for mixing and arranging your colors. This dark and intense surface allows for vivid contrasts, showcasing the full depth and richness of your pigments, adding a dynamic and captivating element to your artwork.

8. Ideal for Painting and Built to Last: The smooth glass surface is ideal for mixing and blending colors effortlessly. Plus, it's scratch, heat, and stain-resistant, guaranteeing durability for years of artistic expression.

9. Creative Space to Unleash Your Imagination: The expansive design of our glass palette offers an abundance of open space, encouraging free-form mixing and experimentation. Explore your artistic potential like never before.


    How to Clean

    • Wipe clean with water, alcohol, or any household product
    • Do NOT submerge board in water

    Metal Backing

    • Metal backing - a metal backing allows for magnets to be used on the boards. Our glass is very thick however, and only neodymium rare earth magnets are strong enough to work on our boards.  

    What's included?

    • Non-slip rubber feet attached to bottom
    • Metal backing
    • Glassboard with printed graphic (as shown above)

    Note: Super powerful, rare earth magnets available under accessories.