Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a high-quality print is simple!

• We only accept .jpg and .png files through our website.

• Please make sure the file is set in sRGB color profile. (This is the default profile in most cameras. Images profiled with CMYK may print a tiny bit differently than expected.)

• For best results, we recommend files no smaller than 1 MB and no larger than 35 MB with 300dpi, and that you use the original, high-resolution photo file.

• Your image will be cropped to fit onto the board you selected. The image must have at least 1/8 of an inch extra on every side. If your crop does not, we'll crop it so that it does. That means you could lose an 1/8 of an inch on the edges of your image.

Need help on how to find all this information about your photo? We've got you covered in this helpful article on how to find the resolution and size of an image.

100 pixels per inch is acceptable, but we recommend at least 200 pixels per inch. Look at the chart below to see if your picture is big enough for the size you’d like.

If your file is below 100 pixels per inch, our site will not allow you upload it.

Below, you can check out the minimum, and recommended pixel dimensions required from an image file for a clear glassboard at each size. Please note that these minimum dimensions are based on a resolution of 100 dpi/ppi. Your image's resolution may be higher or lower, which will affect which sizes it can turn out clearly for.

Click here for our sizing chart.

Our customizer tool doesn't allow these file types to be uploaded. If you have a file like this, send us an email at  and we can help you out!

We have larger sizes, but due to high shipping costs, we only show them upon request. If you're looking for a bigger size, shoot us an email at and we’ll see if we have what you want.

Of course! If you're a business owner or want to buy a board for promotional reasons, send us an email at orders@glassboardstudio.comand we can get you some more info.

Installation is super simple! Here’s our full guide on what you will need and the steps to install.

Tools Needed

• Handheld power drill
• Hammer
• 7/32” drill bit
• Level
• Phillips head driving bit or screwdriver
• Paper towels or microfiber cloth and window cleaner (for clean-up)
• Installation template (This is included with every glassboard to make installation easy!)


Tape provided installation template to the wall in your desired location. (Use a level to make sure it’s straight!)Using a 7/32” drill bit, drill through the drill marks that are designated for your desired orientation (Horizontal OR Vertical).Remove template from wall. Hammer drywall anchors into holes. Anchors should be flush with wall. Screw standoffs into the bottom holes. PRO TIP: Do not overtighten the screws when inserting, this can strip the anchor and weaken the clips. Remove glass from packaging and place it onto the installed standoffs. Center the glass on the standoffs. While holding the glass flush against the wall, screw the remaining stand-offs into the upper holes. (Do not overtighten!) PRO TIP: This is best done by two people—one to hold the glass, and the other to screw in the upper standoffs. Screw brushed stainless steel end caps onto each stand-off to finish securing the glass. (Again, don’t overtighten!)Wipe off glass with window cleaner and a paper towel or damp microfiber cloth, then stand back and admire!

We don’t charge if your design is already finished and you upload it to the Create Your Own glassboard customizer. If you would like us to create a custom design for you, we have a design team that can do just that! Send us an email at for more information.

If you are interested in more than 10 of a single image, send us an email at

Glass itself isn't magnetic, but you probably already knew that. However, defying all science and reason, we can make your glassboard magnetic! Our secret? We simply add a metal backing. If you would like to make your board magnetic, select "Yes" under "Make it magnetic?" on the product page. Remember, the glass is ¼-inch thick, which means only extremely strong magnets will work. We recommend our magnetic marker holders which you can see here.

Free Shipping on orders over $50 is available to the contiguous United States. Alaska, Hawaii, US territories, and military addresses do not qualify for free shipping at this time. It may be better for those of you living in these outlying areas to order from Amazon as their shipping rates are Much lower than we are able to get and thus allows for a savings for you. Go to Amazon and look up "Glassboard Studio" and you'll be able to find many of the same products that we sell here. If you decide to return your product for reasons other than quality concerns, we charge a re-stocking fee of 20%.