Why Can’t People Accomplish Goals?

Why Can’t People Accomplish Goals?

People everywhere have dreams, goals, and plans for their day and life. They have ideas and aspirations that they want to meet and accomplish. Goals give our life direction and help lead us down the path we would like to go. Life without set goals would leave you wandering through life without feeling you have accomplished anything truly important to yourself. But like most goals and nearly all New Year’s resolutions, you often find yourself forgetting about your new set aspirations.   

People don't accomplish their goals because they have a hard time visualizing their goals.  They may have a broad idea of what they want, like graduate college, but what are they doing today to make that a reality?  If someone has a goal to graduate college, they need to break this goal down into smaller goals, like how they are going to be sure to have good studies.  

This video is a great tool in remembering how to successfully acknowledge your goals and create a plan to succeed. By knowing what you want, you can start the groundwork and layout the foundation. When you can set your tasks together in chunks and group together steps you will be able to accomplish tasks much easier. Too often people set goals that are too large or too small. Meaning the goal feels forever away and they give up too soon or they accomplish the goal too quickly and get complacent. Starting your day with a task that helps you achieve a bigger goal helps give you a better direction. 

We Can Help You!

To overcome this there are a few tips we have to help you reach your goals. They are to write your goals down, and write them down often! In a study done by the Dominican University in California they found you are 42% more likely to accomplish your goals if they are written down and in a place, you can see them daily.  

At Glassboard Studio we want to assist you in your pursuit to be better and accomplish your goals. That is why we have created some fantastic products to help you and others on your journeys.  

Sticker Doodle Task Boards

We have created task boards that help individuals easily create a list and mark off when they accomplish their goals/tasks. They are high-quality decals that can be placed on fridges, walls, windows, mirrors, and just about anywhere! They are reusable too and can be moved around wherever you need them. These are fantastic options for children and come in a variety of designs or you can customize your own!  Help the children in your life with their goals and tasks, by helping them check off their progress each day. 

Planning Boards

Our Glassboards offer a sleek and modern look to any home or office. Popular custom Glassboards we see time and time again are planning boards. People know that if they have a picture of a goal somewhere that they can see often, it will affect their daily efforts to accomplish this goal. Here at Glassboard Studio, we have given you the ability to choose from our variety of pre-made designs or you can make your own design!  The possibilities are endless. 


If you are looking to accomplish your goals and find self-improvement for yourself I hope you find this article helpful and remember the importance of reminding yourself daily of your goals. Be sure to write these goals down often and in a place you can see, so that you can see the improvement you are looking for in yourself!


Check out Sticker Doodles and Planning Boards at Glassboard Studio!


Need help with creating your own?  Check out our inspiration page today!

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