Not sure what you want on your very own, completely unique, perfectly customized board? Here are some ideas to get you thinking!

FAMILY PHOTOS: A big picture of the whole family or a collage of all your favorites from your photo shoot. Like the one where the 3-year-old actually looked at the camera. And don’t forget your pets!

HOME ORGANIZATION: Menu planners, calendars, weekly planners, to-do lists, or even a set of all four! Whatever you need to make sure you’re crushing it every single day.

MOTIVATION: A place to keep track of your fitness goals and display your mantras, or add our magnetic backing and use it as a vision board. Make this the year your New Year’s resolutions survive past February!

FOR THE KIDS: A cute, safe place for them to draw on the wall. Chore charts, practice charts, potty training charts, reward charts… All the charts! (AKA prodigy-makers.)

LANDSCAPES: Your favorite place to vacation or somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. A view that takes your breath away or a place that means something special to you. Ideal for daydreamers and wanderlusters.

WORD ART: Quotes that are inspiring, thought-provoking, meaningful, or just hilarious. The lyrics of a song, the lines of a poem, or a single word to bring focus to your life and your family.

TRUE ORIGINALS: Your own artwork. The best photo you’ve ever taken. A poem you wrote yourself. Display it for the world to see! Or at least the part of the world that comes to your home.

COLORS: A design in your favorite colors or something to match what’s already in the room. We can match exact colors! Because there’s nothing worse than colors that almost match.

FAVORITES: An image representing the hobby you spend all your free time on or the sport you obsess over. Your favorite animal, flower, food, musical instrument… Whatever you wish you could be doing all day instead of dishes and laundry.

SCHOOL: A place for preschoolers to write their ABCs, for elementary students to practice their spelling lists, and for high schoolers to work through math problems. And bonus! You won’t need to buy so much paper, saving money and the environment. You’re basically a superhero.

SPORTS: An image of the field or court so you can show your team exactly where to be for a particular play, then erase and repeat for the next play. Keep track of who showed up for the game and who’s subbing in next. If they’re not winning now, they will be!

BUSINESS TOOLS: A big board for conference room presentations and a small one to take notes at your desk and any size in between to fill every other need. Sales charts, checklists, signage, company goal boards, and more, all in coordinated designs and customized with your logo.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Elegant décor for a wedding, signage for a family reunion, classy photo displays for a milestone birthday or anniversary. Each one perfect for reusing as home décor after the event is over and you’ve had some time to put your feet up.

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