About Us

Our Origin Story

It all started with the idea of selling big whiteboards, the size you’d want in a conference room. We nailed it in the quality department by using glass instead of your typical whiteboard material, but it didn’t take long to realize that they were still super boring. Our CEO, Bill, decided to find a way to print beautiful images on the back of these boards. He tried lots of different methods over time, and through his experimentation, he found the highest quality and brightest colors came from reverse printing on vinyl. Once Bill had the method for printing, our creative juices really got flowing. Calendars, planners, vision boards, fitness charts, sales boards… The list goes on and on! Our custom printing allows for any image you want to be printed onto ¼-inch thick, ultra-clear, tempered glass for a stunning art piece that will last longer and look better than any other glass print.

About Our Company

Glassboard Studio is committed to making sure every customer is happy with their product. We inspect each and every order thoroughly, multiple times, to be sure it meets our high standards. In fact, we all like the product so much that almost everyone who works here (and a lot of their families and friends) have glassboards. They are that good! We've used these glassboards as meaningful gifts, decor in our own homes, wedding decorations, family pictures, chore charts for our kids and so much more. Many of us also have gorgeous landscapes of Utah, where our company is based. Our favorite part about the company is how unique each board is, and how imaginative both we and our customers get to be in the process of creating these incredible glassboards.