Installation Instructions

Installation is super simple! Here’s our full guide on what you will need and the steps to install.

Tools Needed

• Handheld power drill
• Hammer
• 7/32” drill bit
• Level
• Phillips head driving bit or screwdriver
• Paper towels or microfiber cloth and window cleaner (for clean-up)
• Installation template (This is included with every glassboard to make installation easy!)


  1. Tape provided installation template to the wall in your desired location. (Use a level to make sure it’s straight!)
  2. Using a 7/32” drill bit, drill through the drill marks that are designated for your desired orientation (Horizontal OR Vertical).
  3. Remove template from wall.
  4. Hammer drywall anchors into holes. Anchors should be flush with wall.
  5. Screw standoffs into the bottom holes. PRO TIP: Do not overtighten the screws when inserting, this can strip the anchor and weaken the clips.
  6. Remove glass from packaging and place it onto the installed standoffs. Center the glass on the standoffs.
  7. While holding the glass flush against the wall, screw the remaining stand-offs into the upper holes. (Do not overtighten!) PRO TIP: This is best done by two people—one to hold the glass, and the other to screw in the upper standoffs.
  8. Screw brushed stainless steel end caps onto each stand-off to finish securing the glass. (Again, don’t overtighten!)
  9. Wipe off glass with window cleaner and a paper towel or damp microfiber cloth, then stand back and admire!