5 Types of Custom Glassboards

5 Types of Custom Glassboards

We love glassboards! Probably a good thing since we produce and sell them! A glassboard is such a versatile piece for an office or home. There are so many different uses and designs. Our popular “Create Your Own” feature allows you to upload any image to be printed as a glassboard, and it has been one of our favorite aspects of our company's story. We love seeing our customers dream and allow us to make it a reality. But with endless options, it can be tricky to settle on what you really want! If you're in that boat, having a hard time deciding what you want to create, here are a few of our favorite ideas to inspire you.

Family Pictures

At Glassboard Studio, we are family owned and operated, so we know the importance of family. Our walls at home are covered with glass portraits of our loved ones. Glass is a beautiful texture that is smooth and elegant. These are wonderful, meaningful gifts for parents, grandparents, and other family members. You can even order a few images in different sizes for the most sophisticated gallery wall you've ever seen!


It's no secret that life can get busy. Keeping up with work, school, church, sports, birthdays, holidays, and all those other responsibilities can be daunting! And if you happen to have a family, keeping track of each individual's activities only compounds the busyness. Our calendars will help keep the chaos under control as you plan out your week, and with your custom design, it might even be fun!  Choose something that matches your home or office decor, or something that just brings a smile to your face. (Pineapple, anyone?)


A recent trend we have seen with our glassboards is using them for motivational quotes. Maybe your office would be inspired by a quote from an executive in your company. Maybe you're a better parent when you're reminded of a quote from someone you admire. Or maybe you're a fan of the classics, like, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” If quotes aren't your thing, images can be powerful motivators as well. We often work with gyms that are looking for images to put all around their facility and inspire their members. With a picture featuring Olympic athletes or other icons, we can make this happen for your own home gym!

Company Logos

One of our most common types of custom commissions is from people looking to design a board for their company. Whether you're looking for small desktop doodle boards for each employee or large glassboards to fill wall space in conference rooms, we have what you need. With sizes going up to 4x10 feet, you'll always have plenty of space to jot down notes or illustrate a point in a meeting. We have even installed multiple boards side by side for companies who are looking to cover an entire wall! Enhance your company's culture and the environment of your office by letting us customize a board for you that represents your company!

Beautiful Art

Our favorite glassboards are simple, yet beautiful. We love dry erase boards that masquerade as art. While everyone’s perception of art and beauty is different, we have so many designs, there's bound to be something you love. And if not, you can always use that handy "Create Your Own" feature. Pictures of mountains, rivers, deserts, city life, national parks, animals in the wild, and even fan art from your favorite sci-fi show... The sky's the limit! It can even be a photo you took yourself on your last vacation! Whatever it is, if it makes you happy, we're happy to print it! 

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