Unicorn Sparkle Glassboard Doodler

Make it magnetic?

Featuring two sparkly unicorn silhouettes and "Leave a Little Sparkle Wherever You Go" typography on a gorgeous galaxy background, this glass whiteboard masquerades as art for a nice touch of décor in any room. Fun and practical for any kid who loves unicorns and the galaxy aesthetic, this glassboard is made of ¼-inch thick, ultra-clear, tempered glass. It's super smooth to write on and amazingly easy to clean off.

Unlike traditional dry erase boards, your glassboard will erase completely—no ghosts of writings past—regardless of the kind of marker you use. Even if permanent marker (like a Sharpie) finds its way onto your glassboard, it can be cleaned off using alcohol, good as new.

Since our glassboards are made with the highest quality glass, they will stay in perfect condition indefinitely. Your glassboard won’t scratch and show wear with day-to-day use, so it will look as stunning in 10 years as it does on day one. Our lifetime warranty guarantees it.


• ¼-inch thick, ultra-clear, tempered glass
• Polished edges and rounded corners
• Simple installation
• Easy to clean
• Won't scratch
• Won't ghost like normal dry erase boards do
• Tempered for safety
• Amazing, brilliantly colored graphics printed using our 6-color process
• Brushed stainless steel clips
• Flush-mounted to wall for long-term stability
• Installation hardware included
• Lifetime warranty


    • Metal Backing: adding a metal backing allows for magnets to be used on the boards. Our glass is very thick, however, and only neodymium rare earth magnets are strong enough to work on our boards. More information about the metal backing can be found on our FAQ page.


    Every one of our glass whiteboards comes with everything you need to install it quickly and easily. Simply use painter’s tape to hang the included paper template exactly where you would like your new glassboard, using a level to be sure it will be straight when mounted. Drill holes through the paper and into the wall. Remove the template. Insert provided anchors. Attach clips and hang. Estimated time to install: 10 minutes. For step-by-step instructions, click here.

    What's included?

    • Paper installation template

    • 4 anchor

    • 4 brushed stainless steel mounting clips

    • Glassboard with printed graphic (as shown above)

    Note: Super-powerful magnetic marker holders are available here.

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