Triangles Daily & Weekly Task Tracker


Chore charts aren't just for kids anymore! Even adults sometimes need help tracking all the things they want to get done each day and week. Plus, you get the added benefit of that satisfying checkmark, just for adulting like, well, an adult! Just use your included fine-tip dry erase marker to write in your daily and weekly tasks, and you'll instantly become an organizational genius. Plus, the bright, colorful, contemporary designs make your controlled chaos look good.


  • Along with the things you need to do, fill in the things you WANT to do! Keep yourself accountable for your own self-care.
  • If you'd like to include tasks that you only need to do every other day, cross out the "off" days in advance to give yourself a visual plan for the week.
  • Use it as a family chore chart! Put family members' initials in the bubbles (in different colors for ultimate organization), then when they've completed their jobs, they can erase their initial and check it off.
  • If you're worried about smudging, try using a wet erase marker.


  • PREMIUM DRY ERASE SURFACE: Smooth to write on and easy to erase completely
  • QUALITY ADHESIVE BACKING: Sticks to any smooth surface, such as refrigerators, desktops, cabinets, mirrors, windows, and more
  • REMOVABLE AND RESTICKABLE: Leaves no residue and can be repositioned time and time again
  • VIBRANT IMAGES: Beautiful printing that produces rich colors that will never fade

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