Battle Grid Game Mat for DND Role Play Glassboard
Battle Grid Game Mat for DND Role Play Glassboard
Battle Grid Game Mat for DND Role Play Glassboard
Battle Grid Game Mat for DND Role Play Glassboard
Battle Grid Game Mat for DND Role Play Glassboard

Battle Grid Game Mat for DND Role Play Glassboard

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MADE OF GLASS – We use the BEST ¼” Thick, Ultra-clear, Tempered Glass with polished edges and rounded corners. Super durable and very long-lasting. You will never want to play on your silly curling vinyl DnD dry erase mat ever again.

DUNGEON MASTER – You spend a LOT of time preparing for every game. Our glass Dungeons and Dragons Battle Mat will make you the favorite of all masters. Did we mention that you can use permanent markers on the glassboard to create maps that will last for extended play games? When the game is finally over, simply clean it with window cleaner or alcohol and your role play battle mat will look as good as new.

VERSATILE – Use it for all types of RPG games.

DRY ERASE – Wow! This is where our glass game board really shines! Made of glass so you can write on it using dry erase AND PERMANENT markers. Dry erase wipes off easily. Permanent markers will stay until you clean it off with window cleaner or alcohol. Looks brand new after each cleaning. No ghosting. No staining. Just stunningly beautiful game after game.

QUALITY – Our boss often says, “make it the best, and they will come!” Well, this is the best made, best designed board we could imagine. You will be amazed at how nice it looks and how nice it is to play on.

MADE IN THE USA – Glassboard Studio makes a wide variety of glassboard and dry erase products—all right here in the USA.

GLASSBOARD STUDIO GUARANTEE – We want you to be satisfied! We NEED you to be satisfied! We’ll do whatever it takes to be sure you’re super happy with your new glass Battle Grid Game Mat. We’re certain this will be your favorite game mat—EVER! If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, let us know and we’ll make it right. Your Battle Mat is guaranteed for 2 years to be free of defects.


Our glassboards are made of ultra-clear, 1/4" thick, tempered glass. Super smooth to write on and amazingly easy to clean off. Since it's made of glass it will last a very long time. That's why we offer a lifetime warranty. Never stains. Never ghosts. Always comes perfectly clean, regardless of the kind of marker you use (permanent markers, such as Sharpies, can be cleaned off using alcohol).


  • 1/4" thick, ultra-clear, tempered glass
  • Polished edges and rounded corners
  • Easy to clean
  • Scratch resistant
  • Won't ghost like normal dry erase boards do
  • Tempered for safety
  • Amazing, brilliantly colored graphics printed on the back of crystal-clear glass using our 6-color process
  • Lifetime warranty

How to Clean

  • Wipe clean with water, alcohol, or any household product

What's included?

  • High resolution print
  • Non-slip rubber feet attached to bottom
  • Glassboard with printed graphic (as shown above)