Unicorn Birthday Decal Sticker Decor | Reusable!


Looking for a fun, easy, unique way to make your child feel extra-special on their birthday? These vibrant decal sticker decorations will be a highlight of the party! They stick securely to any smooth, flat surface, then when the party is over, you can easily remove them without leaving damage or residue behind. Even better, the high quality adhesive will still be sticky enough to use again and again, just in case your child loves them so much they NEED them as their newest bedroom décor.


Where can I stick it? 

  • On just about any clean, smooth surface! Desktops, laptops, tabletops, walls, doors, refrigerators, windows, mirrors, cabinets, countertops, and more!

Where should I NOT stick it?

  • Avoid rough or unfinished walls, freshly painted walls (wait at least 30 days), bumpy surfaces, or vehicles. If unsure, apply a corner to a hidden area near the desired location to test stickability and potential damage.

How to Apply:

  • Clean the intended surface and allow it to dry.
  • Slowly peel the paper backing off.
  • Lightly place one corner of the Sticker Doodle on a clean, dry surface. 
  • Smooth out from one end to the other using a soft cloth. In case of bubbles, lift gently to the bubble and smooth out again.

Is it removable?

  • Yes! It's removable and reusable as long as you apply it to a clean and dry surface.

Note: Keep original backing for storage.

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